About Us

From Our Dock To Your Table!

For over 3 decades, Tommy Delaune and his family have provided Louisiana seafood from their privately owned dock in Orleans Parish. It was inevitable that sooner or later our passion for fresh seafood would progress into something more. Working closely with both professional chefs and trusted family friends, we have developed a menu that combines a blend of traditional seafood and time-honored New Orleans cuisine. The pleasure of preparing and sharing food is a simple and genuine concept, and it always brings out the best in everyone. Many times we feel as if we’re welcoming someone into our home instead of our dining room.

We showcase local products, wild-caught and sustainable seafood, and contemporary culinary concepts through our support of Louisiana based fishermen, farmers, and other businesses. By only accepting the finest products and freshest seafood, we not only provide a superior product to our customers but also do our part to support the local economy.

Thank you for bringing in your family and friends to experience distinctive Louisiana quality found nowhere else. You will not find another seafood restaurant where you can dine on fresh Louisiana seafood at the best possible price filled with classic New Orleans style and Chef-inspired culinary passion because there’s so much to be passionate about - the freshness, the flavor, the variety, the surprise.