Soups & Such

By The Cup $5.99 | By The Bowl $10.99

All Salads Include a Blend of Fresh Lettuce and Seasoned Garlic Butter Croutons.
Creamy Italian |Blue Cheese | Caesar | Honey Mustard | House Vinaigrette | Ranch | Thousand Island | Traditional Sensation
Po' Boys and Sandwiches

All Po' Boys Come Standard on a 10-inch Loaf of Fresh Leidenheimer French Bread,
Dressed with Blue Plate Mayonnaise, Shredded Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato Slices and Dill Pickle Slices.

Served with Hush Puppies and Fries.
Customize Your Platter:
Exchange Fries For a Regular Side or For a Signature Side For an upcharge
Ask Your Server if Your Selection Can be Grilled or Blackened.
Specialties of The House and Pastas

Served with Any Regular Side.
Substitute a Signature Side for Only $3.00
Regular Sides

Regular $3.00 | Large $6.00
Signature Sides

Your Choice for $5.00
Kids Plates

For Our Guests 9 & Under, Your Choice for $6.95
Includes Drink & Oreo Cookies.

Your Choice For $5.95

All Non-Alcoholic Beverage $3.00
Complimentary Refills on Fountain Drinks & Iced Tea.
Fresh Brewed Coffee Available.